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Completely handcrafted in Mississippi by Cliff Pace, the Black Label Tackle Wreck is a top of the line premium balsa square bill.  The wreck has been built to replicate the original WEC1 square bill which is no longer in production.  Due to the high number of requests from our customer base, we have decided to bring this bait, which would be lost, back into availability. 

Built using the same 45 step process that all Black Label products are manufactured with, we believe the Black Label Wreck is as durable and well-crafted as possible.  The Black Label Wreck contains a Lexan bill, stainless steel hardware and comes equipped with 2 Mustad EWGTG76 trebles.  Measures 2″ at 3/8 oz. with Depth of 2 ~ 4 ft.

World Champion Cliff Pace creator of Black Label Tackle.

about black label tackle

Fishing and fishing lures became obsessions of mine at a very early age.  The sport itself has always been very appealing to me because it’s a process that is never the same from one day to the next.  It is an ongoing puzzle, always shifting and changing, and I love the challenge of figuring it out.

I became very interested in building my own lures around age 15.  Catching a fish on a lure I built myself gave me a satisfaction; it also gave me something to do when I couldn’t be on the water.   It was a way to build what wasn’t available.  It gave me the ability to make something that was perfect in my eyes for the situation I intended to use it, whether that be lead-based lures or balsa baits.  The first balsa baits I ever built was for my senior project in high school.   Those original baits, as crude as they were, were the origin of what is now Black Label Tackle.

I feel very blessed for the competitive and business success that I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Whether it be a balsa bait that I built, or one of my sponsor’s products that I’ve had a hand in designing or constructing… I still find satisfaction in other anglers telling me how much they like the products and hearing their success stories.

We will never have perfect days on the water, and we’ll never build the perfect crankbait, but we will spend a lifetime striving to accomplish both.  Thank you for your business and support.

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