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Completely handcrafted in Mississippi by Cliff Pace, the Black Label Tackle Wreck is a top of the line premium balsa square bill.  The Wreck has been built to replicate the original WEC1 square bill which is no longer in production.  Due to the high number of requests from our customer base, we have decided to bring this bait, which would be lost, back into availability. 

Built using the same 45 step process that all Black Label products are manufactured with, we believe the Black Label Wreck is as durable and well-crafted as possible. 

The Black Label Wreck contains a Lexan bill, stainless steel hardware and comes equipped with 2 Mustad EWGTG76 trebles.


Because each of our baits are hand painted,

there may be slight variations than those imaged.

Wreck Crankbait Profile

Wreck2 “3/8 oz.2 ~ 3 ft.
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