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Length 2 1/8"
Weight 5/16 oz
Depth 5-6 ft

Meticulously designed and thoroughly tested by Bassmaster Classic Champion Cliff Pace, the handcrafted Black Label Cliff Pace Cliffie Flat Crankbait delivers exceptional action perfectly complemented by brilliant paint schemes. The body itself boasts a uniquely narrow, yet rounded profile that makes for a tightly vibrating swimming action for a more natural presentation similar to traditional flat sided cranks. The Cliffie Flat is capable of diving a little deeper than most crankbaits in its size-class, making it perfect for harassing bass in the 5-6-foot range and even a little deeper when utilizing light line.

Starting with the initial carving and finishing with its final clear coat, the Black Label Cliff Pace Cliffie Flat Crankbait is carefully developed and crafted with the same 45-step process every Black Label bait undergoes to ensure it meets the highest of standards with unparalleled quality. It is completed with razor-sharp Mustad hooks capable of sticking any curious fish that takes a swipe at this balsa-based masterpiece. Ideally suited for clear water reservoirs and fisheries subject to high pressure, the Black Label Cliff Pace Cliffie Flat Crankbait is an easy investment for every crankbait angler.

Because each one of our baits are hand painted,
there may be slight variations than those imaged.

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